(This story will be updated once and if Prime Minister Narendra Modi  issues any statement the Kathua and Unnao rape cases.)

//Update 1: Business Standard has reported that facing political heat over the Kathua and Unnao rape incidents, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday assured the country that no culprit would be spared and complete justice would be done. “Our daughters will definitely get justice,” said the Prime Minister.

//Update 2: 

Speaking at the inauguration of the Ambedkar Memorial in New Delhi, the prime minister said;

The incidents in the past two days are an embarrassment to the civilized society. We bow our head before the founding figures of the nation. No culprit will be spared, justice will be delivered. Those daughters will get due justice; all of us have to fix the problem together. The guilty will not go unpunished and the Government of India will not leave any stone unturned to ensure that happens.”

We thank the Hon’ble Prime Minister to finally help us to update our story. We hope that he follows up on his promise to make sure justice is done. //


Till then here is a picture of Chief Minister Modi asking tough questions to Prime Minister Modi

//Update 2: We would like to thank CM Modi on his tough statements which made PM Modi speak up.//

We would like to thank The Quint for the brilliant original statement recorded from Mr. Modi HERE.

We would also like to thank The Wire for coming out with the generous gesture of donating all donations received by The Wire today, tomorrow, and the day (13th -15th April 2018) after to the family of the victim of the Kathua Rape.


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