We are delighted to announce the launch of IndianLiberals.in, an online library of Indian liberal writings by Centre for Civil Society. The portal was formally launched on 17 January 2015 at the 1st Annual Asia Students for Liberty Conference by Mr Arun Shourie, prominent journalist, author and politician.
The Indian Liberals stood for the liberty of thought and action and against central planning. In current scenario, such liberties are in constant threat, which is not any different to the hubristic actions of the central planners during the socialistic pattern of society adopted by the Nehru government. It’s of utmost importance to go back to these heroes of freedom and acquire their wisdom through their powerful writings.
IndianLiberals.in is an online library of all Indian liberal writings, lectures and other materials in English and other Indian regional languages. The material that has been collected so far contains liberal commentary dating from the early 19th century till the present. It is this content that we hope to preserve and disseminate, by building a digital liberal archive that hosts all Indian liberal material in one place. We aim to digitise 50,000 pages in total, supplemented by audio and video content of prominent liberals, including personal stories of the work and struggles of Indian liberals who lived through the planning era, that is lesser known to us today, if not totally forgotten already. The portal shall help preserve often unknown but a very rich Indian liberal tradition and understand the relevance of the writings in today’s context.
You can access collection of writings, videos, talks and lectures of:
It was encouraging and inspiring to have Mr Arun Shourie launch the archive. He said that “the portal reminds us that there has been a tradition in India for a liberal polity. It is almost a civilisational principle and it is facilitated by the fact that we are such a rich and diverse country. It is also important that we start using alternate media for getting our message out and the idea of documenting this tradition is a perfect beginning.”
Join us in our efforts to spread the message of liberty! This portal is made possible by the combined efforts of all of us, to identify and source the works of important India Liberals. Do send us your feedback and suggestions! Write to editor@indianliberals.in.
For more information, contact Samta Arora (samta@ccs.in | +91 99538 27773)

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