In interview with Naren Krishna Madhurakavi, Co-Founder & COO of Inc 42.!!

Inc42 is a social platform for young startups and small businesses to interact and flourish with a passionate community. With all their features and an extremely enthusiastic team, they aim to solve all your start-up problems and promote your brainchild when it’s ready for the world!
“Life is too short to work at a boring company. It’s time to start-up!”

Sourya(S) :- So to begin with the usual traditional question. When and how did Douglas Adam happen to inspire you people?
Naren Krishna Madhurakavi (NKM):- Well, when we came up with the concept of Inc42, we started brainstorming on different names to make sure that the domain name was available. The vision we had was that the name should indicate “a one stop platform for startups” or, “answer to startups”. Douglas Adams deduced that 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything. So that’s when we thought Inc42 should be our answer to your startups.
S) How did you get the initial people to support your idea?
NKM) Actions speak more than words. That’s what we exactly followed at Inc42. We made sure that we delivered unique content for the Magazine; provided the best customer support for the clients of Inc42 labs. From then it’s all word of mouth. 
S) What obstacles did you face once you tried to begin?
NKM) Given the fact that we are still students it’s really hard to manage both academics as well as startups. But thanks to the academic flexibilities at BITS which helped us to manage both effectively. Building the right kind of team was again a challenge. It really took us quite some effort to find right kind of people who are creative and dedicated.
S) Tell us something about the different features of Inc. 42?
NKM) If you see Inc42 as a Startup Tool Kit, our vision is basically to simplify the process of starting up by building a set of tools which will be helpful for the entrepreneurs. As a part of that we have already a magazine which provides all the content/information needed for the entrepreneurs. We also have Inc42 labs where we work with startups and help them build their MVP. We are working on few other products as well. Stay tuned for more.
S) The proudest moment you have had till date?
NKM) The moment when legendary Venture Capitalist Tim Draper handpicks you for his program.

S) Do you see more student entrepreneurs now then when you had started?
NKM) Definitely. Thanks to the E-Cell’s and incubators in colleges.
S) What’s next for Inc 42?
NKM) As I said we are working on couple of interesting products which will be of a lot of help to the entrepreneurs. We are planning to launch them soon.
S) If you could give just one advice to a wannabe entrepreneur, what would it be?

NKM) Don’t just start for the sake of starting up. Don’t start even for the sake of making a buck. Instead, start for the sake of pushing human race forward and creating value.

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