Interview with Anuj Kumar, a second year student of SLC, Subharti University, Meerut. He is not only the Founder of the popular web portal Legal Desire but is also the Founding President of the NGO, India Of Dreams.

Sourya (S) When did you get the idea to start Legal Desire?

Anuj (A) :-Being a firm believer of Swami Vivekananda, I take inspirations from his teachings.
“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life — think of it, dream of it, live that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, and every part of your body be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.”
The idea stroked my mind when I was in second semester. Like other Law Students, I also used to skim over legal news portal in search of opportunities likes call for papers, moot competitions and conferences etc. One day the proverbial light bulb went on! I decided to go ahead developing an ultimate portal for law students providing all services under one platform. Using my webdesign skills, I started with a basic legal portal and then we move ahead adding new features and services to it. After few months, another idea stroke my mind of starting a Legal Journal and that gave birth to ‘Legal Desire Quarterly Journal’. Then a big list of things added to the plan including Online Courses, Q n A section, Legal Dictionary, Learn Constitution etc. I dedicated 24×7 myself towards Legal Desire and now I take pride being a founder. Legal Desire in short span of time created an identity among the legal world and a leading portal for law students.

S) How did your friends react when you told them about this idea?

A) I still remember that weird reaction I got from them. They have no idea what I was exactly planning to do, they were confused and having doubts whether this idea will be a success or end up as failure but not to forget they also encouraged me by supporting me wholeheartedly towards Legal Desire. This team worked day and night under the leadership of me. And now they all take pride being a part of Team Legal Desire.

S) Did you invest your personal funds to start with the website?

A) Yes, there is a saying that, ‘While Money Is Not Everything But Almost Everything Needs Money’. The rich had to start somewhere. Forget that some wealthy people are born affluent, won a lottery or had connections – plenty of them started right where you may be now: somewhere near the inglorious bottom. By grace of god, I have Webdesign and Development Skills so before Legal Desire, I was working for various clients providing them world class web services and getting paid from them too. I invested that hard earned money, utilized my web skills, my friends contributed their bit and rest you knows what happens after that.

S) Tell us something about the services Legal Desire offers?

A) Well Legal Desire is an endeavor to provide information to legal luminaries. We are the leading online portal for law students and professionals. We are providing the law fraternity with bundle of legal knowledge by making them aware about the various legal happenings including latest legal events, articles, news, online courses, competitions, internships and many more.
Legal Desire organizes online and offline Competitions for Law Students. Legal Desire Campus is the next generation Online Law School enabling law students and professionals take online courses in law that can afford them opportunity to enhance their professional career and learn law. Legal Desire also provides Legal Services and Online Store to buy discounted Law Books and Products.
We also have Legal Desire Quarterly Legal Journal which provides an opportunity for Law Students and Professionals to get their articles published and share their views with Legal World.

S) When did you get associated with Pulse of Markets?

A) I am associated with Pulse of Markets as Author since August, 2012. I love to write and Pulse of Markets Newspaper has given me a great platform for the same. Journalism is in my blood and Pulse of Markets provides me opportunity to fulfill my desire of Journalism. I love to report events, take interviews and attending press conferences etc. I give my heartiest thanks to Mr.Vibhor Aggarwal, Editor Pulse of Markets who handpicked me for P.O.M as Author. He is also a member of Editorial Board, Legal Desire Quarterly Journal.

S) What was your proudest moment as the founder of Legal Desire.?

A) Well it’s not one; Legal Desire gave me unlimited moments to take proud. But the one I love most is the respect and love by the Law Students, Faculty & Legal Professionals being a Founder of Legal Desire. Getting honored in tons of conferences, receiving business proposals, wishes and good feedback emails make me feel proud. Hard work finally pays. It feels proud that Legal Desire is growing at fast pace across the Nation and helping Law Students in an effective manner.

S) What next for Legal Desire?

A) Legal Desire is all set for coming up new services like online shopping portal for law students and professionals, online workshops, legal career counseling, legal services section, Legal Desire mobile application, more online courses etc. Apart from Services, Legal Desire planned to organize International Memorial Writing Competition, 2nd National Essay Writing Competition and National Quiz Competition in 2014.

S) Any tips for wannabe law students?

A) You are about to embark on a course that can inspire, frustrate and empower, often in unequal measure. Though it will feel like it on occasions,studying law is not just about red bull-fuelled library nights, jargon-filled lectures, book-burdened bags and headache-inducing judgments but keep working hard as prestige, financial reward, intellectual stimulation, and the ability to make a positive change in society—all are typical and logical reasons for getting into law profession. The most prestigious course is ‘Law’ where you have the ability to rule the world. You can take examples of current rulers of country in world. Did u notice something common in most of them? They studied Law. Law is above is all. Best wishes for upcoming lawyer in you. Take pride that you are going to do law.

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