Read About Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay as he talks about his brainchild, The Knowledge Streez from the time he was a Law Student, to becoming a professor of CNLU and his future plans.

Q) How did the idea initially come up? When was it (year)? How many people were initially involved?

-While I was pursuing B.A.LLB (2005-2010), I was always eager to participate in conferences and call for papers; and looked for different internship opportunities. But, information about these was rarely available on Internet, and looking into newspapers and associated sources was a tough task. This ticked in me the idea of knowledge steez, which I actually started to help students like me. Knowledge steez was started in the February,2012.. Initially, it was started by me but later on, Vivek Kumar Verma gave a depth to its working. 
Q) Were people around initially convinced about the idea?

-Not really. Some people claimed knowledge steez to be the carbon copy of other websites which are already accessible to law students. But the USP of knowledge steez is the frequency of its posts and the simplicity of the website. We have tried to keep the website very user friendly.

Q) How was the initial capital raised? What were the other financial difficulties?

-The initial captial was raised from FPF (Family Provident Fund…lol). Furthermore, opening and running knowledge steez has not cost us much.

Q) Where did the idea for the name come from?

-Earlier, the name of knowledge steez was knowledge mafia. I altered the name on the advice of one of my teachers at NUJS, Kolkata. He suggested me to keep something simple and professional. Working upon the same, I landed up with the name knowledge steez (steez means something unique).

Q) What were the primary problems faced while starting?

-Primarily, hectic academic schedule, finding resources and person who can upload such resources, were the problems I was through. But, now with Vivek’s support, I am able to carry out my work at ease. I pay my sincere thanks to him.

Q) How were outsiders approached/ advertisement problems?

-Most importantly, knowledge steez functions for the benefit of law students. It is a non- profit organization; hence, any kind of advertisement is not appreciated. Expectantly, anything as such won’t be entertained in future, too.

Q) Current Problems?

-No problems ….lol

Q) Which direction do you see it heading now/future plans?

-I have always tried looking for means to eliminate the problems of the legal community. Keep supporting students of legal fraternity, and helping them attain success in their lives; is my sole motto. With our strategies placed, we have made the target to achieve of 1 lakh visits per month.

Q) How did you decide to start ‘Click Internship’?

– Click Internship is a platform for Law students to check internships that are available and choose those internships that suit their purpose and convenience. It is a great effort by my students from CNLU, Patna. As projected, within a year Click Internship will be the largest source of internship database for law students in India.

Q) Any tips for future start-ups?

-We have plans to start a website related to scholarships and fellowships for law students of India. The same will be executed soon.

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