Social Partners:


Safecity is a platform that crowdsources personal stories of sexual harassment and abuse in public spaces. This data, which may be anonymous, gets aggregated as hot spots on a map indicating trends at a local level. The idea is to make this data useful for individuals, local communities and local administration to identify factors that cause behavior that leads to violence and work on strategies for solutions.

Since their launch on 26 Dec 2012 they have collected over 10,000 stories from over 50 cities in India, Kenya, Camaoon, and Nepal.



Tale Weavers is an initiative that aims to engage with children and the youth through stories that challenge stereotypes and break the barriers in creating a just society. Stories play a powerful role in shaping children’s perspectives about themselves, others or the world we live in. Be it reinforcing the ideals of femininity or masculinity that princes and princesses possess or creating a situation where every damsel in distress needs a man to save her, stories for centuries have continued to influence the young minds. Through Tale Weavers, we wish to create parallel narratives that not only challenge stereotypes but also help empower children with different life skills.


The Gender Security Project works to expand the scope of the global understanding of gender at the policy, legal, and institutional level through research, advocacy, and education. The project is set up to take a deep dive into themes centered on gender, human security, peace, and conflict and related areas that overlap with these core areas of focus.