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Conflict Chronicles

Sexual Violence as a peacetime-wartime continuum: Part 3; The hidden story male victims of sexual violence in conflict

While my earlier two posts might have projected the notion that women are the sole sufferers of sexual violence in conflict, the intention was not to do so. In segregating…
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The Dynamics of Asian Economies: South Asia Students For Liberty Conference on the 22nd April 2018 in Hyderabad

South Asia Students For Liberty is honored for the opportunity to host the 2nd libertarian conference in Hyderabad. With a line-up of stellar speakers, networking opportunities, free books and a…
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Editors Pick

From Villages to Football Fields – Interview with Dr. Rashmi Tiwari, Founder/Director, Aahan Tribal Foundation of India

Dr. Rashmi Tiwari is the Founder and Director of Aahan Tribal Foundation of India, working to dismantle the machinery of trafficking by making at-risk tribal girls and women financially independent,…
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