Bhubaneswar: On the evening of 23rd of November, 2018, a second-year B-Tech Mechanical Engineering student of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) allegedly harassed and teased a final year female law student from the KIIT School of Law.  Following the incident, the Law student and her batchmates protested inside the BTech hostel and demanded that the accused apologise, which the accused did at the end of the day.

KIIT SOL Campus Security Box destroyed.

On the 24th morning, a crowd of Btech students armed with sticks, bricks, and bottles barged into the Law Campus and assaulted the Law students present in the law hostel. The incident continued for over an hour, during which multiple law students who were going about their day, were ambushed and brutally assaulted leading some students to be seriously injured. As more Law students slowly turned up, the incident soon broke down to resemble a full-fledged war zone with both students of both sides resorting to throwing and hitting the others with whatever they could lay their hands on. Normalcy was established only after the Special Reserve Police Force was deployed about an hour and a half after the event. As per reports till now over 40 students (both Law and BTech) are currently hospitalized and one law student is currently in the Intensive Care Unit with a serious head injury.

The Law students have alleged that the Management is trying to bury the entire incident instead of initiating any action. The Registrar had allegedly threatened to remove all students when asked to take action

Sources suggested that the Btech students were apparently angered by the Law students entering the Btech hostel yesterday evening to demand an apology from the second year student who had allegedly misbehaved with a final year female law student, and though the Btech student had ultimately apologized some initial tiff may have been created there itself, which lead to the Btech students storming the Law campus armed with sticks and bricks today.

KIIT Btech student’s, on the other hand, has alleged that though the 2nd Btech student accused of teasing a senior female law student had apologised on the 23rd evening itself and the matter was settled, the Law students had somehow instigated the incident on the 24th morning, leading to the engineering students to vandalize the law campus.

Odisha Bytes reported that during the clash, vehicular traffic between Big Bazaar Square and Sikharchandi was disrupted. Pedestrians passing through the area were in a state of panic.

KIIT SoL students, on condition of anonymity, have stated that there is an atmosphere of panic and horror over the entire law compass at this moment, though some amount of normalcy has returned with police being deployed. Most of the hostel rooms on the lower floors in the Law Campus has had their window panes shattered.

Sources inform us that FIR No. 203/18 has been lodged before the Infocity Police Station, though as of the time of this story being published, there has been no official statement from KIIT Management. Sources have confirmed that one student who was identified using CCTV footage has been arrested by the police.

KIIT students vacating hostels

Following the incident early on the 25th morning at around 3 am the KIIT Management decided to vacate both Law and Engineering campuses and the University was indefinitely shut with immediate effect. All students, including first-year students who were from different states, were removed from campus without any warning. This substantially affected a lot of students from both streams who were uninvolved with the incident. Students alleged that instead of taking charge of the incident, the college authorities transported them to the railway station in the middle of the night to fend for themselves thereafter. More so it left the students outside the campus, stuck in railway stations, airports, and streets leading to a possibility of further clashes. The Management has allegedly claimed that due to the 14th edition of the FIH Hockey Men’s World Cup, which will be held in Bhubaneswar, from the 29th, the Police would be unable to provide security to the campus for longer durations and hence the decision to vacate campuses was taken.

As complaints of shrinking of their duty against the management kept mounting, administration member and director of KIIT’s student activity centre Sucheta Priyabadini, issued a public statement on her Facebook, alleging that no clashes took place and the stories were “being blown out of proportion” by “vested interests“.

The post was either later deleted or had its privacy changed, but not before KIIT current students were able to screenshot the same and challenge her response with pictures and videos of the incident.

On 25th KIIT released its official statement in form of a Press Release wherein has stated that “As it is a matter of clash between two groups of students, the University has not been closed Sine Die and the classes of various schools are functioning normally. A few students received minor injuries in the clash. They have been discharged after the first-aid. Rumours of fatality are false.”

On 28th of November, Deadly Law, a portal for Law students,  shared KIIT University first official press release since the incident, wherein the University Management admitted the clash had taken place for the first time. As per the official Press Release, all students who required medical aid were provided medical aid at the Kalinga Institute of Medical Science Hospital and an Inquiry Committee was set up on the 25th itself which is to provide its report on the incident at the earliest. The Management also agreed to the demand of the law students that the sole BTech Hostel outside the Law Campus is shifted. The KIIT Management agreed to re-accommodate the Btech students at some other hostel.

All LLB semester exams have now been rescheduled to be held from the 14th to the 22nd December.



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Trigger Warning: The following videos have graphic violence and language. Viewer discretion is advised. 


CCTV Recording of KIT Law Students being assaulted in their hostel with bricks and bats.




The clash between Btech and Law students inside the Law campus and hostels.

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