The Centre for Environmental Law, Advocacy and Research (CELAR) of National Law University and Judicial Academy, Guwahati Assam is organizing an “International Conference on Climate Change: Exploring Multidisciplinary Contours “on 9th and 10th March 2019.

CELAR has been working on the legal aspects of the environment, takes the opportunity to invite stakeholders of the legal society for scholastic research papers in the upcoming International Conference on Climate Change: Exploring Multidisciplinary Contours. Being in the North Eastern part of India bears certain opportunities as well as responsibilities. CELAR wishes to take a lead in legal academia from this region and contribute immensely to the Enviro- legal fraternity as well as society at large. Climate Change is a pertinent issue and the debate between climate change deniers and proponents have taken a new shape since the adoption of the Paris Agreement. Based on the principles of common but differentiated responsibilities, the negotiation on climate change has evolved substantially in the last two decades. This conference intends to highlight those elements of climate change negotiation and bring the aspects of climate change from multiple disciplines into it. The unique feature of this conference is its multidisciplinary dimension. Hence, not only legal but also other streams can participate in this conference.


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