StayUncle is a revolutionary hotel booking website in India, which allows both married and unmarried couples, in India to book hotel rooms for 12 hours, even with local identification cards. No judgement, or questions, with the privacy and safety of the couples, kept as paramount. Despite the prudish nature of India society, StayUncle’s market has only grown by leaps and bounds, allowing premarital sex from being a taboo topic to becoming a mainstream conversation about individual rights. Blaze, who is behind Stay Uncle’s witty shock and awe marketing techniques, has also used their platform to raise social awareness and strongly advocate for the decriminalization of homosexual relationships under Section 377 IPC.

Sourya (S): What kind of opposition had you faced, since StayUncle started up in 2014, from both authorities and society?

Blaze (B): Organized authorities haven’t directly caused obstacles except in few instances where local police constables used to visit StayUncle hotels in the city with increased frequency asking about StayUncle and warning them that this service is not legal. We responded back promptly educating the hotels on the legality of the service for consenting, adult couples and offered legal assistance against similar local bullies. More than that we used to be a frequent target of online trolling and hacker attack.

(S): Even prior to 2018, how common was it for you to receive queries and requests from LGBT community members with respect to your service? What was StayUncle’s response to the same?

(B): Almost daily. We used to entertain meaningful chunk of these requests (in a symbolic act of dissent against the unreasonable draconic provision) albeit not all because hoteliers themselves weren’t ready to accept same-sex couples.

(S): Despite the Supreme Court judgment, have Hotels warmed up to the idea of homosexual couples now?

(B): Yes, we are about to officially announce same-sex hotel booking with StayUncle and most of our current hotels are now same-sex couple friendly as well.

(S): How are some of the issues you face now, to provide your services to the LGBT community, different from what you may have been facing earlier?

(B): It is too early to tell.

(S): Is StayUncle planning to revamp its marketing campaigns/advertisements to reflect their support towards the LGBT community? 

(B): Yes, we do. From tomorrow onward, our Homepage for the first time ever will feature same-sex couple and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

(S): StayUncle had recently done a viral anti-trafficking marketing campaign (Read more about their amazing campaign HERE). From where had that idea originated and can we expect more witty awareness campaigns of the same kind in future on other social issues, including possibly LGBT rights awareness?

We’ve been receiving hundreds of requests for providing partner apart from hotel rooms which we always categorically denied. We’ve gotten to understand that we are in the forefront of one of India’s gravest social issues today – women trafficking and that perhaps we can use that position to directly attack the problem while putting StayUncle in the limelight – And so we did. Yes, something avantgarde is brewing for our upcoming LGBT couple friendly offering, stay tuned.

(S): Is there anything exciting in the near future planned by StayUncle?

(B): We’ve just launched the StayUncle Love kit – a discreetly packed box containing sensual wellness items inside (condom, chocolate and Peesafe) complimentary for StayUncle couple guests. Love hotels are next in the pipeline – hotel rooms exclusively pre-decorated and furnished for amorous stays.

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