The Law Commission intends to prepare a panel of Consultants to assist the Commission in its broad-based research work on the projects in hand. From the panel, the Law Commission will avail the services of suitable candidates by engaging them on the basis of their research skills and project related expertise, if any, which is relevant to the terms of reference of the present Law Commission.
Terms and conditions for engagement as Consultant:

(i) A Consultant will be paid an honorarium of Rs. 30,000/- per month.(Fixed);
(ii) The headquarters of the Consultants shall be at the Law Commission of India, New Delhi. 
(iii) In case the information furnished by the applicant is found to be false at any stage, the same will invite disqualification and/or action as deemed appropriate by the Law Commission of India, whose decision shall be final and binding. 
(iv)The Law Commission of India in line with the prevailing Government policies, procedures may specify any other conditions/ guidelines as considered appropriate during the period of engagement of the Consultant. 
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