Sourya Banerjee, Founder of FSA, catches up with Viki Vaurora, Founder of the The Great Legalisation Movement which is fighting against medical lobbies and common stereotypes to get Ganja (weed/cannabis) legalized for medicinal purpose to treat cancer patients etc. Read a candid take on why medicinal cannabis should be made legal with immediate effect.  

Sourya (S): Tell
us something about yourself?
Viki Vaurora (V): I’m a 25 year old guy who is extremely furious at
the way the society is being run while constantly desiring and designing for a
change in a lot of different things. 

I was an audio engineer who was setting up my High quality recording studio to
support the music scene in India through my upcoming record label. I was
composing a few albums myself, of different genres (from melodic death metal,
progressive rock, tripocratic sound designs, kannada folk) but had to put all
of this plan to hold for the past few months and will continue to do so until
the day shines where a simple medicinal plant is not prohibited for use in any

So i founded the Great Legalisation Movement – India, to educate the society
and the government about how a blind law is causing the suffering of millions
of people in our country and also we are at the edge of destroying our entire
ecosystem with toxic wastes and industrial products. 

I believe that just this one plant can truly change the way we live in this
Cannabis is the future. Its time to bring back a massive Medical, Economical,
Environmental, Industrial and a Spiritual Revolution. All it takes is to change just one Law. 
(S): How
long have you been advocating the use of Ganja
for Medicinal purposes? 

(V): I’ve been speaking
about cannabis (Ganja) ever since those days when i was smoking it, as i
understood its true effects and benefits. It’s been 3 or 4 years now of trying
to speak to friends and families about the information i found in the internet
about the plant. No one wanted to believe a thing i said except those fellow
stoners who were always up for intelligent discussions. 
But a lot changed after I cured the first dying patient with High concentrated
cannabis oil based on Rick Simpson’s extraction method. The day I got to know her cancer was completely gone was the day I took this
fantasy of legalization in India and put it all into action. 
Hence, ‘The Great Legalisation Movement – India’ was founded in November of
2014 and it’s been baby steps since then but it’s growing big and wild now. The movement has made it into most important newspapers across the country
already but still no one wants to put up the right kind of articles that can
shake the entire system. We are gonna talk to the government soon and we’ll see
how they will take it. Either ways, we WANT it to be legalised here in not late than 2016.

It’ll happen. For those who wants the same can either participate in it or sit back and watch
it happen. 

(S): Statistically
it is said the peanuts have killed more people all over the world as compared
to weed. Yet, why is there this uncertainty and contempt towards its use? 

(V): Because the leaders
who were responsible for the welfare of the country, bent over to the rules of
United Nations and the greedy american corporations. 

Please refer to the NDPS ACT of 1985. Its written right there that 

          “We, the Indian Government, firmly believe
whatever misleading information was told to us by the highly corrupt United
Nations. The leaders of India now blindly believes in the information that was
propagated in the ‘Convention of Psychotropic substances’ in 1961 and 1971, and
are completely brainwashed that the NEWLY emerged psychotropic substances are
bad to the Government (Not the people, not the societies. No. Its just a big
threat to the GOVERNMENT). So We the people in the government, responsible for
well over half a billion people, have done no further research to realise these
discoveries of united nations but want to simply kiss the great white ass and
accept what they tell us to do. So henceforth, we ban and declare the
prohibition of use of Cannabis, across the land and seas of indian border, and
will arrest, punish and raid your personal space, if you use a plant. Even for
your medicinal purposes!!”(sic)

I had a good laugh for a long time when i read in the NDPS ACT that, medical
cannabis is also prohibited. Its funny cos the government knew that it was a
medicine but had no real guts to stand against corruption and manipulation at
an international level. Its a shame that our previous generations was so lost and let this thing
happen. But we, the indigo children, are responsible for creating the big
changes around the world. So lets delete the taboo and stigma attached over
this greatest plant on earth!  

(S): Mythological
Epics and even books such as the Veda’s point out towards the use of Bhang since ancient times in India. What changed
(V): Threat! 

Cannabis is prohibited for the same reason as why Nikola Tesla’s work was
destroyed. There is really not much of any difference in these two cases,

When Tesla discovered alternate modes of energy and wanted to set
the humanity free, his work was destroyed and no one ever heard a thing about
his true discoveries. What happened after that? So, now we depend on big
companies for power, oil and any other forms of energy when we could have
rather had free flow of energy into every house, car and electrical
applications. It was controlled and turned into a money making business. Thats what it is at
the end of the day. Money! The story resonates in the same way in the life of
cannabis plant. Until about 19th century, Indian medical system, Ayurveda, used cannabis for
what it really is. A medicine. 

         In 1800’s, An Irish doctor named
William O’Shaughnessy, working in the British-East-India company in Kolkata,
discovered the amazing benefits of this plant, experimented it with variety of
diseases on both animals and humans and found great successful results with it.
So he decided to take this medicine back to England and wrote more and more
research papers about it. So, by late 1800’s, Cannabis was used as a primary
medicine to treat and cure if not all, most of the deadly diseases of that
century. Now why would anyone want to invest millions of dollar into a
pharmaceutical companies and sell you medicines at high costs to make back
those investments and also fruit the profit, when you and i can rather grow the
same plant in our house and use it cure ourselves and our family, and no user
would not fall sick ever? Isn’t that a big loss to them?
They knew, it wouldn’t work that way. So it was big threat to the wannabe
medical companies of that time. Thats just the medical face of this plant. This plant was a big threat to all this companies and industries listed below. 
Alcohol, Cigarettes, Lumber, Steel, Oil, Textile, Paper and Church! 

Trillion of dollars of threat for all these big institutions.
*Simply because one won’t use harmful intoxication in the presence of
*Hemp plant fibers are one of the strongest known fibers to mankind
and it would simply replace all our furniture, plastic, paper and clothes;

*Hemp seeds can be pressed to make oil., (its estimated that every acre of hemp
plantation can produce about 150 litres of clean fuel)

*And most importantly, the compounds in the plant gives you a consciousness
boost. You no longer are in the same level of consciousness where you were taught
a lot of things and you hold onto many believes. You live on a higher
consciousness where you are open to new way of thinking and learning. Your
belief system would change! Its a big spiritual thing. 

It gives you the power to think. The rulers of the world can’t get along their
way when they have billions of consciousness beings. Its very hard to
manipulate anyone who is on higher consciousness. The illusion of reality they
create for you is torn away. Once you are activated by the cannabinoids, you don’t need any form of religion
to hold on to. One can be more tuned into nature than ever before. 

Hemp was becoming more
and more easy to process and it was going to create a massive revolution in the
late 1930’s. That’s when the American Government CREATED a never before
Narcotics agency and banned cannabis and hemp together. They even gave it a new
name at that time called as Marijuana and made silly, stupid movies and
advertisements like Reefer Madness to drive the american minds away from
smoking cannabis using fear tactics. Its hard to believe what humans can do to other humans in the name of greed.  You might deny it up and down but the bitter truth is, they, the rulers of the
world, decided to steal this ancient mystical medical and industrial crop from
the society and hide everything. They did it for a long long time. All these
industries and money makers took a firm hold of their positions while
manipulating the entire world into a control system. And then the GAIA gave us
the internet. and everything was unleashed again 🙂

(S): How
did you get associated with the Great Legalization Movement? Did it randomly
start one day?

(V): I didn’t get
associated with the movement. I had a dream. I had a vision that I was carrying
around for a few years not knowing where and how to start. So, I never put it
into action. 
But when I heard the first time that Leela, the first dying cancer patient I helped with Cannabis oil, got cured of cancer, I couldn’t wait anymore. 
That’s when Great Legalisation Movement – India began.

(S): What did your friends and family think about it? How is the movement
shaping up now?
(V): Initially, friends and
family knew nothing much about it. A few of them warned me that i’d be facing big hurdles ahead. And many of them
just laughed at it saying that it would never happen. Meaning, I wouldn’t be
the one to work hard all the way towards legalisation. But nothing motivates me
more than discouragement! A few of my friends really supported me through this in the beginning. And
today, I get mails and calls from people I hadn’t even met before and still
they have become the most important group of people in the formation of this

The greatest thing that my family did for this movement was to not stop me from
doing any of this. And even if they tried to, I wouldn’t listen anyway. Because the
dream was so big. The reasons for legalisation are crucial for our survival and
well being on this planet. Look at the way we live and it’s absolutely
disgusting. There are millions of people suffering so bad and do your think a
LAW which is forcefully put into place denies them that cure that they deserve? 

This is the reason why GLM-INDIA brought Mr Rick Simpson to India to conduct an
open discussion about the medical system and hurdles that we face today. This
is our first of many upcoming projects.

(S): Tell us about your tours till now
with Rick Simpson. Have Government functionaries been eager to permit “Cannabis Legalization” Seminars and speeches take
place in their cities?
(V): I don’t ask our government’s permission to
speak up to the people and organise seminars.  Simply because they never asked OUR permission to prohibit the use of nature.  
Viki (left) with Rick Simpson
And more importantly, why should we do any such silly things like asking
permission to speak up? Freedom of speech needs to be activated from time to
time. 🙂 And it’s extremely important for everyone to not carry the school behavior through most of adult life. But speaking of touring with Rick, the first event that happened was in an
ayurvedic college in Hassan, Karnataka. It was a small event and we prepared up
and drove all the way from Bangalore to find out that these guys had absolutely
no idea what is coming at them! But we were very excited to tell the ayurvedic
students, doctors and professors in that university that cannabis or bhang as
they learn it in ayurveda is one of the greatest medicinal plants known to man
and its soon gonna change the face of ayurvedic medicine in an unimaginable
way. Because, it can cure Cancer, HIV, Muscular disorders, Neuro Disorders, Mental
Disorders and most importantly it acts as an antibiotic which the ayurvedic
system lacked all these years. The addition of this plant will soon make it the
conventional natural medicine that everyone can take it without any harm to the
body.  They seemed to learn something out of that small event and we are glad to have
seeded them with this information. What matters is how curious they can get
from now on? And then we came back and held the first major event in Bangalore on May 10th,
where we had a great discussion with doctors, journalists, entrepreneurs,
patients etc. The event was a great success. I opened up the history of the plant and Rick spoke
about facts of modern medical science. Rick was mainly speaking about the
alternate way to this current medical system which he believes is the biggest
genocide that everyone is failing to notice. They, the corporations and governments, are literally poisoning us through our
food and industrial products and offering a solution as cure to those illnesses
and loading us with more toxic-synthetic-drugs which messes up with our entire
bodies and minds. We had a great successful event in Bangalore and we tried to do the same in
different cities. But unfortunately, our Mumbai event was shut down for various
real reasons unknown to us but the venue that we had booked in Bombay, Jai Hind
college, told us that lot of NGO’s and organisations forced them to cancel the
event cos we are promoting a bad drug! Malaacas! But, these idiots from NGO’s who puts up stalls saying ‘Say No
to Drugs’
are so misled that they think they are trying to help the society by
stopping an educational conference which was supposed to help hundreds of
people with profound knowledge on an ancient plant though which we could have
changed the laws and help millions of suffering people in our own country and
around the world. The bloodshed is on their hands now. Again, a classic example
of how some people are ready to do any kind of damage to the society just
because they can pocket some money off it. Put ignorance and greed into place
and this is what we get. The ultimate truth that everyone should soon realise is that Legalising
Medicinal Ganja and Cannabis Hemp for industrial applications will change the
entire way we live and sustain.
As I have always said, 

 Its a 

“Trillion dollar Crop,

Billions of lives changed, 
Millions of jobs created, 
Thousands of applications, 
Hundreds of diseases to cure..
Just One plant. 

Let’s legalise it!”
(S): Would
you advocate Cannabis for recreational purposes? 
(V): I don’t like that
term. ‘Recreational use’ of Cannabis. Everything has a purpose in life.
Recreational use is not one of the purposes of cannabis. Definitely not on a
long term use. I encourage anyone to use it at the right settings of life but
will never guarantee a recreation. What is indeed guaranteed is a mind altering
experience. It depends on how they take it from there on. Some strains just
does a wonderful job at making you laugh, but not every strain of cannabis can
deliver that to you. With cannabis, the biggest thing that most of the users fail to see is, their
casual smoking of the herb has got more to do with relaxation than
recreational. When the mind and body is truly relaxed, one can find wonders in life again. Hence some of them become creative. Some of the times, they have access to new
perspectives because they are no more controlling their thought pattern and let the
thought evolve to newer ideas. And most importantly, some of them just have a
good laugh at different situations of life. Being relaxed can cause all these
things. So when a person is using cannabis on a regular basis, its not Recreational
use., but its more of Anti-Stress use. Stress is the leading cause of most of the diseases known to man. Stress can
have direct impact on the way our bodies functions. So when there is no
stress, there can be no disease. So if you clearly understand what I just said, you would probably get that smoking
cannabis has more to do with its medical use than the highly overrated
‘recreational use’. Naming these kind of effects as recreational just sends a wrong message to the
user anyway. Inhaling helium is recreational. but inhaling Cannabinoids is
purely medicinal and spiritual. 
(S): How
is that in recent times, many top scientists believe that cannabis is the
greatest medicinal plant known to man?

(V): Simply because now we know that Cannabinoid in the cannabis plants can mimic as
an Anandamide (derived from the Sanskrit word Ananda Maya) which is produced in
our brain. 
The science behind this is simple.  These
Anandamides gets produced in our brain which triggers all the Anandamide
receptors and activates the Endocannabinoid System. And the function of this
system is to make sure our bodies internal functions are always in check and is
in balance. 
So if our body is not functioning properly it means that the ECS is not getting
triggered, because we are not producing enough Anandamide in our brain
(Anandamaya). So if we are not happy in your mind (no yoga, no exercise, no
nature, no sex, no freedom from over-thinking etc..) then we are stressed out
which means we are letting the body’s internal balance to fluctuate which means
we are now gonna be diseased. What this really tells us is that, when we smoke cannabis(ganja), or even
better, take the cannabis oil, we are taking these cannabinoids into our body,
which acts as these anandamides and triggers our endocannabinoid system which
gets activated and which in turn checks our body’s functions and enzymes levels
and immunity to be in complete order. Hence, by regular intake of cannabinoids in your body, we can remain disease
free. But if we already have a disease, it can be cured by giving our body the most
important dietary supplement for it to function properly again. 

And this is the reason why people are curing themselves from Cancer, 

*getting their immunity back when they have HIV, 

*curing themselves from chronic pain and illnesses,
* curing themselves from diabetes cos the insulin levels are checked again and
their pancreas is fully rejuvenated, 
*curing oneself from overweight cos now their ECS is checking for all the
unwanted fats that are stored and removing them, and basically anything else. 

Hundreds of thousands of people are getting activated by this concentrated
cannabinoids and healing themselves or their loved ones from deadly diseases,
naturally and safely. Why do we have to let our loved ones suffer here because
america wants our governments to put a law in place while they firmly established
their allopathic medicinal position in the society. This to me is ridiculous on
a next level. 

IF the SOMAS that our Vedic scriptures talked about is true, I don’t seem to
find a reason why this cannot be one. It really heals your mind, body and the soul! 
(S): Legally
speaking, what according to you is the next step forward? IS GLM – India going
to be limited to conferences and awareness campaigns or does it intend to
petition the Government and Policy makers.
(V): No, we are not just limited to educating people and
waiting for someone else to realise and take that step for legalisation.We are filing a petition soon. We are going to talk to the Government’s,
doctors, students, farmers and to the public across the country. We are already in the process of doing it. We want it to be legalised in 2016
and will use the best of what we got to make it happen. Soon India will rise
in the day where an ancient, sacred and a medicinal plant is not looked down
Viki speaking at GLM Seminar in Bangalore
And if it happens the rite way, 

*We would be using all sorts of new products made out of hemp
*We won’t no longer have to cut down trees and forests for paper and furniture.
It takes trees upto 40 years to mature. But with every acre of hemp, we can
make 4 times the products of what we can make with every acre of trees in just
4 months. 
*We don’t have to rely on cotton as our primary textile application which
requires almost 5 times more water than what hemp would drink and also it need
no pesticides. so, imagine the toxicity of soil and underground water that we
can save from this. 
*We will be growing fuel rather than using up all the non-renewable forms of
energies from earth. 
*We will be adding the most important dietary supplement into our food. 
*The doctors will be able to cure many diseases that they are just trying to
*The patients and their families will no longer have to suffer. 
*Societies will start evolving rather than the great devolution that we are
experiencing since the last few decades. 
*Cities will be less cramped up as growing hemp will be the next big thing and
we can soon experience hundreds of eco micro cities on the country sides…

*The economy will have
a huge boost as we will become more sustainable in all products we consume.

*India has so much of
land and so much of right settings to become one of the largest exporters of
hemp to the world. 
*Ayurvedic system will be the future. 
*Cleaner recyclable industrial products will take over the conventional
plastic, steel and concrete which takes so much of energy to make and destroys
our environments
*Houses will become a lot cheaper to construct
*Hemp roads ensures strong hard roads which is easy and cheap to make.
*with millions of acres of hemp growing in this land, we will be having a
direct effect on reversing the carbon emission, cleaner air and more oxygen
rich environment. 
India can once again experience the true freedom! Something that was stolen
away from us almost 30 years ago. A real change is just around the corner.. walk on! 
Be a part of the great movement to legalise ONE PLANT! 


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